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No eggs,
no sugar,

no oils,
no lactoce


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Why don't you try

Gluten Free 
Rice Bread?



New in Town!

Get ready! 

Brand new gluten-free healthy bread 

mainly rice flour, is about to kick off! 

So fluffy and delicious!


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Do you have any problems like below??

Any problems or troubles
like below?


Always feeling tired... 
maybe dehydrated?
| was told being at risk of metabolic syndrome
Gluten free bread tastes really horrible!
My kid developed a gluten allergy
Always expensive to buy shop-made GF...
I have heard gluten is 
very bad to your body

Honestly, I don't understand why gluten free is so good... 

It tasted horrible when I tried shop-made GF!
It is too expensive to keep buying GF from shop!


We always have something to think about... 

Here is good news for you!


Buy from a real bread pro
and discover delicious gluten-free healthy bread

My passion is... 

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It's often said that gluten-free is good for your body, but the truth is, many commercially available gluten-free products are loaded with unnecessary additives and high levels of salt and/or sugar.

My gluten-free bread contains no eggs, no sugar, no oils and no dairy products

in the bread itself

And, of course, it's free from wheat gluten.  So why not try gluten-free bread, which promotes true health?

I really wish you to try my 

really healthy bread which will contribute to happy and healthy lives for you and all your loved ones.

What are the benefits of

comsuming those bread?

Suitable for people with allergies or 

food intolerances

Easy to digest

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Gluten-free bread is suitable for those with wheat allergies or gluten sensitivity.  Since they may experience allergic reactions when eating regular wheat-based bread, gluten-free bread is a safe option.  

Gluten-free bread is easy to digest and is a gentle dietary choice for those with digestive issues, as it doesn't contain gluten found in wheat.

Less strain on your body

You can enjoy your favourite bread

with your family


Gluten-free bread imposes less strain on the body as it lackes the gluten found in wheat, making it suitable as a light meal.  

You can also give your children one more gluten-free bread instead of saying no more!

We provide delicious bead options that can be enjoyed with your family and friends.  Gluten-free bread offers a delicious option that can be enjoy

What you can buy 
(at the moment, only Basic rolls are available)

Basic rolls



Customers Feedbacks

Customers feedback 
after some sampling events

Feedbacks... They are very positive!

Can't believe they are 
Gluten Free!
I will never buy other gluten free bread.
Best ever Gluten-free
bread!  Thanks.
Please sell them in soon.  
Can't wait.
Can I buy the at the Wholefoods? 
Please sell them in the USA.  We are from America.

Who is Utako

utako pic.jpg

Utako Tanner

Having lived in the UK for almost 25 years, 
I spent about 30 years working in the finance until 2018, 

due to an opportunity to appear on BBC2.


I was teaching how to bake bread at Bread Ahead Bakery School in London, 

although the pandemic has brought challenges.  I transitioned to become an online tutor, focusing on teaching the traditional British afternoon tea experience.  

Through my online lesson, I encountered one student who cannot consume gluten, sparking my interest in gluten-free baking/cooking that can be enjoyed by everyone, such as your family and friends. 

Now I am dedicated to creating delicious fluffy gluten-free bread, using rice flour and other gluten-free ingredients widely available in the UK.

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